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Embracing faith, service, love, and learning in a Christ-Centered Community.


We believe that:

Each child is an individual of great worth, blessed with God-given gifts and talents; therefore, our school promotes the love of God and one another through service to the school and community.

Education is a life-long process which begins at home, is fostered at school, and continues throughout life.

All children can learn; therefore, our school recognizes different learning styles and provides a variety of opportunities for students to be actively involved in the learning process.

The total development of each child includes spiritual, social, intellectual, physical and emotional growth.

Children are best educated in a caring, Catholic community, which fosters an individual responsibility to practice self-discipline and respect in interactions with others.

Teachers, administrators, and support staff create a safe and nurturing educational environment that challenges each child to achieve his/her potential.

A sound curriculum integrated with current technology and effective teaching prepares our students to learn how to choose wisely and how to relate to God and others.

Our school celebrates students’ diversity while inspiring in them a sense of self and opening doors to a global, interdependent world.

An ongoing improvement process is essential for our school’s success.

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