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At St. Peter Claver, our students are reminded daily of the importance of living out our school mission — "learn, lead, inspire and serve."
As a Catholic school, our students not only benefit from academic excellence, but also that faith and values are key components to life. Our faith and religion is the core of SPC and is expressed through our daily teachings. The importance of Christian value is not subject to just religion class. 
Morning announcements and prayer begin our morning and ends our day. During morning prayer students are given the opportunity to request prayer intentions. Many of our students pray for each other or other intentions they have discussed in class.

Not only do our students learn the importance of Christian values, but also have the benefit of learning to show their love of God through service.  Through learning more about the world around us in other content classes, we are learning about God, our creator, and using our human intellect, a gift from God.

Ways that our students express their faith life in our school: 

Seasonal Reconciliation services (Advent and Lent)

Stations of the Cross

May Crowning of the Virgin Mary 

Rosary Services Monthly

5th Grade students participate in an Archdiocesan Vocations Day.

Daily recognition of Saints during prayers/ learning about Saints in the classroom

Multicultural Mass

Required service hours for 7th and 8th Grade students (8 for 7th And 10 for 8th)

Student leaders for readings and gifts at Mass


Weekly Mass

Wednesdays are the highlight of our week! The entire student body attends Mass with the parish in the church to celebrate and pray together. Each week various grade levels or student groups lead and participate in the Mass or prayer service. Students serve in all aspects of the Mass such as altar servers, readers, cantors, musicians, and choir members. This weekly celebration with students, faculty, parents and parishioners embodies who we are at St. Peter Claver.

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