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Prayer begins and ends each school day. Students are responsible for leading the Morning Prayer and announcements.

Before lunch all our classes will say prayer. All students in PE begin their class with a prayer in Spanish. 

Religion is taught daily and incorporated into the school-wide curriculum. As a Catholic school, teachers and students are constantly identifying ways to give thanks to God and live according to Jesus' teachings.

Students attend Mass or a prayer service on Wednesdays as a school community. Students in every grade are encouraged to participate in the weekly Mass, with the middle school students taking the lead by singing in the choir, as serving as lectors, altar servers, and gift bearers. We invite all families to attend! 

Students are fully prepared to receive the Sacraments of First Communion and First Reconciliation. These Sacraments are celebrated for the first time in the student's home parish.

  • Guidance is offered as a class for each grade. They meet once a week to cover social, spiritual, and emotional development of each student. 
  • A full time counselor works with all students based on need in order to maintain a safe environment. 
  • Each classroom attends technology class on a weekly bases
  • All classrooms are equipped with classroom computers.
    • PreK-4th grade utilize their desktop computer and iPad's in the classroom. Our prek students will begin to work on mouse and keyboard usage at the beginning of the school year. 
    • Our 5th through 8th Grade classes have Chromebooks assigned to each student. They utilize the chromebooks to complete classroom assignments, take notes, communicate with the teacher, and work on projects. 
Media Center
  • Each class visits the Media Center once a week. The Media Center is equipped with a Viewsonic board and 10 desktop computers. Students check out books, take Accelerated Reader Tests, and work independently on research.
  •  Students in 3rd through 6th Grade participate in the annual Archdiocesan-wide Battle of the Books competition. 


Clubs are held twice a month on Wednesday's from 2:30-3:10. We also have fee based after school clubs. 

Below is a list of our clubs during school hours:

Kilometer Kids


Ping Pong

Green Team

Art Club





Below is a list of our clubs after school: