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The following items must be received before the student’s application file is complete and considered for admission.

  • Complete our online application with the $150.00 submitted at the end of the application. Apply Now
  • Original Birth Certificate. We can make copies of your original and return it once copies are made. 
  • Baptismal cerificate for families applying for the Catholic tuition rate.
  • Parish Verification Form for families applying for Catholic tuition rate. A new form must be sent in each year to determine tuition status. 
  • Applicants latest and all past report cards.
  • All results of any Standardized Tests your child has taken.

Upon acceptance:

  • All students must submit all health forms and be on file prior to the first day of attendance.
    This is required by law in the State of Georgia and by the Archdiocese of Atlanta.
  • Georgia Certificate of Immunization, Form 3231
  • Certificate of Vision, Hearing, and Dental Examinations, Form 3300
  • The Archdiocesan Health Form information is required prior to the first day of attendance. For participation in sports, this physical examination is required each year to be completed after June 1 for the upcoming school year.