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Our Mission

The Mission of St. Peter Claver Regional Catholic School is to cultivate an environment that prepares students to learn, lead, inspire, and serve in local and global communities through Catholic teachings rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, rigorous academics, and spiritual formation.

Our Philosophy

The members of St. Peter Claver Regional Catholic School Community believe that the growth of the total child is the primary focus of any educational program. Catholic schools are the most effective means of meeting the foundational purposes of Catholic Christian education: to teach doctrine, to build community, to serve Christ and His people and to provide opportunities for worship.

We nurture in each student a sense of uniqueness—an awareness of his/her self-worth, self-esteem and God-given talents.  Each student is seen as an integral member of the total church, school, home and civic community. Through a well-structured educational program, we strive to develop each child’s greatest individual potential.

The faculty of St. Peter Claver Regional Catholic School recognizes that the living out of this philosophy is possible only to the degree that we remain faithful to our Baptismal commitment and to the degree that we rely on the power and strength of Jesus Christ, who has promised to remain with us for all time.


Provide a Catholic, Christian environment in which students learn independently and through group work while learning to value diversity;

Focus on success for all students;

Promote a climate of high expectations, respect and dignity;

Provide a curriculum that will have relevance to the life of students;

Recruit, employ and nurture dedicated, well-qualified and highly professional employees who adhere to professionally recognized standards and local school policies;

Support Archdiocesan and Local School Improvement Plans and contribute to their implementation;

Promote continuous improvement through cooperation between and among students, parents, educators, clergy and the wider community.

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