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Tuition and Fees
2024-2025 School Year

Active Catholic Families 
(Parish Verification Form signed by pastor is required annually and due August 1, 2024)
Yearly: $9,048.00 per child                 Monthly 11 payments: $822.54.                                      

Non-Catholic or Non-Active Catholic Families       
Yearly: $11,700.00 per child                Monthly 11 payments: $1,063.63


After Acceptance: 

$200.00 / child                        Enrollment (new students) / Re-Enrollment Fee (current students)      

$300.00 / 2 or more                *Enrollment / Re-Enrollment Fee covers texts and instructional materials and RenWeb set-up


$150.00 / child (Grades 5-8)   Technology Fee (Chromebooks, Headphones and Online Subscriptions)

$50.00 / child (PK - 4)              Technology Fee (Online Subscriptions)

                                                     (Assessed through FACTS – September 2022)

$16.00  to $30  child                          Field Trip Transportation Fee (assessed through FACTS at time of trip.) Certain grades take multiple field trips. 

$65.00 / 8th grade                   8th Grade Fee (Assessed through FACTS on May 

$200.00                           Jaguar Fund Annual Fee (mandatory per family)

Optional Fees

$5.00 / day / child                   Lunch Fee (lunch only / optional) purchased through ChefAdvantage

5.00 / day / child                   Lunch Fee (with water or milk / optional)

                                                   **Lunch is parent choice and paid by parent through Chef Advantage family account.

$22.50 / child                          Yearbook purchase (mandatory) - 


Tuition Payments and Incidental charges are billed through FACTS, the payment management system. 

Payment options: 
                Annually: Full payment of tuition due in June
                Monthly: Monthly tuition payments are due on the 5th or 20th of each month with the last payment due in April, 2025.


For new families — to set up your FACTS account:

Click here to access the FACTS website. In the "New Account" section, select "Create a username & password." If you have any questions about the FACTS enrollment process, contact Alejandra Gordon in the Business Office at 404.241.3063, ext.103 or

If you are a returning family, no action is needed. Your existing FACTS account agreement will roll over into the 2022-2023 school year.


** All above fees are assessed through FACTS. Fees are subject to change and additional fees may be incurred based on calendar events. Parents and guardians will be notified in advance.

Extended Care (before or after school) 
One-time $25 registration fee 

​After School Care
$15 per day flat rate - $5 for each additional sibling
$55.00 per week - Full time - $20 per additional sibling
Upcoming Events