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Opt-Out-Withdrawal Form
  • Withdrawing Students

    Please complete the Opt-Out/Withdrawal form (below) if you wish to opt out of continuous enrollment or for any reason you want to withdraw your child/children from SPCRCS

    We encourage you to contact the Business Manager, or the Enrollment Director if there is an issue or concern that we might be able to help with prior to completing the form.

    This form will be digitally sent to both the Enrollment Director and the Business Manager.
    Please remember that student records and transcripts are not released for withdrawn students until all current fees are paid. Please refer to the Family Handbook for more information.

    Notes for students who are opting out of Continuous Enrollment.

    Your student’s spot at SPCRCS will no longer be guaranteed and will be subject to SPCRCS having space available in that grade(s).
    If you later decide to return, the Continuous Enrollment Agreement will need to be completed again along with an Application for Admission Form and an application fee will need to be paid upon enrollment.
    Financial aid awards will be forfeited; Financial Aid applications will need to be resubmitted and awards will be made with any remaining funds, if available.

  • Signature
    I hereby sign this form and declare that the information contained is correct and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that SPCRCS will not release student records and transcripts until all fees have been paid in full.

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