School Uniforms

The school attire regulations of St. Peter Claver Regional Catholic School are designed to promote an atmosphere on campus that is appropriate for a school setting.  These regulations are intended to reduce distractions and to encourage students to focus on their academic responsibilities.  Additionally, the St. Peter Claver uniform is a symbol of unity and respect for the school and its community.  For all these reasons, students are expected to wear the school uniform correctly, and parents are expected to support these regulations.
School uniform requirements are in place for all students while on campus.  Circumstances may arise that make wearing the school uniform impossible.  A written note from the parent or guardian explaining the situation should be submitted to the Principal or other authorized designee.  Failure to present the note will result in appropriate disciplinary action.  While St. Peter Claver staff members will make every effort to provide a uniform replacement, it remains the responsibility of each student to arrive at school properly attired. 


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