Religion Program

"Let it be known to all who enter here that CHRIST is the reason for this school. He is the unseen, but ever present Teacher in its classes. He is the Model of its faculty and the inspiration of its students."


The religion program at St. Peter Claver Regional Catholic School enhances the students understanding of the Catholic faith through formal classroom instruction, daily prayer, weekly Mass and participation in community service projects. Each day, the students are reminded of the need to love, pray, respect, and serve the Lord and one another.

Religion Series

St. Peter Claver has introduced a wonderful new religious education series in all grade levels. The Faith and Life Series, now in its Third Edition, with texts and activities fully adapted to the new translation of the Roman Missal, presents Catholic teaching using the ecclesial methodology and spiral development of catechesis, in a beautiful, student-friendly, comprehensive format. Students are exposed to Catholic Teaching in a relatable manner designed to be easily retained. The incorporation of stunning Religious Artwork helps teach the truth, beauty and goodness of The Catholic Church.

Service Work

It is through service that students can begin to see Christ in every face and in every encounter. It is through service that our students arrive at a deeper understanding of Catholic Social Teaching. Service can be the performance of a random acts of kindness towards a fellow student or teacher. Service can also include larger initiatives like a class service project. One such project relates to Gregg's Pantry (Sts. Peter and Paul Church's food pantry). Throughout the year, SPC students volunteer their time and donate goods to Gregg's Pantry, which is open every Saturday of the year except for the weeks of  Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
With diligent attention to the religion program, both in its formal and informal aspects, the teachers and staff at SPC prepare the next generation of Catholics and non-Catholics to know, love and serve the Lord in an ever-changing world.